To assist Packaging Engineers find new jobs, we regularly contact our list of over 200 world-class companies to inquire about current and future openings. Not only do we know about today’s openings, we often know what our client companies are planning months in the future. Since we are “in the market” every day, as opposed to “generalist” recruiters, we know when people are moving around, creating vacancies, often before a company knows they will have an opening.
We view recruiting as a very personal matter. You are placing your career in our hands and we know we must be professional and discreet.

Job searches today without a recruiter can be a very frustrating ordeal. Having a recruiter on your side, getting feedback is critical when you have to make decisions about more than one opportunity. Straight, honest and prompt follow up is something we pride ourselves in. Sometime a “no” is better than a “maybe” and at least you can plan from there. If you don’t get feedback, you don’t want to be too pushy, but you want answers. Your recruiter can get those answers, and if he is pushy, the hiring company does not get upset with you and you don’t endanger losing the opportunity.
We regularly hear from Packaging Engineers who have submitted their resume through a job board or company website but never receive any feedback. Did they get the resume? The job description fits my background, why didn’t they contact me? Should I re-submit the resume or would that look too pushy? Is the job on hold? These are the complaints we hear daily from Packaging Engineers who post their resumes and never hear back, or if they do, it’s a generic “thanks, but no thanks”.

A job search can be a stressful time, and you always deserve prompt, honest feedback. One comment we often hear is “I got a call from a headhunter about a great job. I discussed it with my wife/husband/significant other and we agreed I should have the recruiter submit my resume. After a few weeks, my wife/husband/significant other keeps asking me how the search is going, and I can’t get any feedback. After a while, I’m starting to get defensive everytime my wife/husband/significant other asks me about it and it’s actually causing problems in our relationship because my wife/husband/significant other has told their parents we were considering moving closer/interviewed for a job in the new area/has their heart set on moving to another area."

Genco Staffing will be your contact and will professionally get feedback and let you know where you stand. If you fit, we will find out what’s the next step and what is the timing. If not, at least you can pursue other opportunities without wondering if you might be contacted at the last minute after you are in serious negotiations with another company.


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