To better serve our hiring companies, we maintain a database of over 2,000 Packaging Engineers from entry level through upper management. On a regular basis, these candidates are contacted to determine their current job satisfaction and willingness to consider new opportunities.

Since we only recruit Packaging Engineers and specialize only in certain industries, we are “in the market” day in and day out, unlike “generalist” recruiters who only work with Packaging Engineers from time to time. For that reason, we do very little cold calling on candidates and already know their job history and personality before we contact them concerning your opening. Knowing their backgrounds before starting your search, we can eliminate many whose “skeletons” don’t show up until time and money have been spent interviewing, an offer is made and references are checked. At that point, a search often has to go back to “square one” because the other good candidates will have taken a job elsewhere. We are also able to eliminate those candidates who are “just fishing” and concentrate on those who are in a serious job-change mode.

When the hiring company gives Genco Staffing a search assignment, they can be assured we will come as close to the hiring target as possible. When we simply cannot find a match for your job specs within a reasonable time, we will tell you and suggest that you utilize other means. We realize we can’t fill every opening or know every Packaging Engineer. We even refer you to our “friendly competitors” when we are not able to find a suitable candidate.


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