For over 20 years Bill Cheek and Genco Staffing, have matched career-minded Packaging Engineers with the leading companies in the food, pharmaceutical, medical device, and personal care industries.

Client companies have included Coca-Cola, Kraft, M&M Mars, H.J. Heinz, Campbell Soup, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Glaxo-SmithKline, Bristol-Myers, Clairol, Kimberly-Clark, Gillette, S.C. Johnson, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and many others.

To some, recruiting Packaging Engineers sounds as simple as matching buzzwords on a job description to buzzwords on a resume. We know it’s much more complex. Some Packaging Engineers just develop the primary package. Others just work with secondary packaging. Some just work with components. Some are equipment specialists. Some are a mix of the two. Some just work on the front end of developing the package. Some just work on manufacturing issues. Others are responsible from cradle to grave. Knowing the difference is the key to a successful job search.

In addition to the technical qualifications, the determination must be made concerning whether a candidate’s personality is suited for certain industries. Some industries require their Packaging Engineers to “dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s” while other work better when they “fly by the seat of their pants”. Some jobs are better suited to people who work better in a fast paced environment, others at a slower pace.

In our 20 years of recruiting Packaging Engineers, we have seen many recruiters come and go. We believe our longevity is due to establishing good relationships with our hiring companies as well as with our candidates. We could not have been successful for all these years without doing a good job for both sides of the job search.

We specialize in a niche market, and word travels fast. With a finite number of hiring companies and instant communication among Packaging Engineers, we could not have survived as long as we have without doing a good job both for our hiring companies and candidates.
We would like to thank all the companies who have put their faith in our efforts and also thank the Packaging Engineers, many of whom we have known through their entire careers.


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